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I met Carol and she took what I saw for me, the clients I wanted to reach, and enhanced it with her genius and expertise.  I feel so supported and grateful to have such valuable support from Carol who created a design that fits my soul and is calling in those who are here to form a sacred partnership with me in their own journey to their greatest life experience.

Carol is a true leader bringing all team members in harmony and making sure things are communicated effectively and work is efficiently executed to create an absolutely stunning outcome.

Jodie Rodenbaugh, http://jodierodenbaugh.com/

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I created the interactive playbook for you, so you can easily work through the steps I did that doubled my income. I made sure that the process is not all work and no fun. Let’s take your business and life to the next level, click on the button below.

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Hello, I am Carol

I am web designer and business mentor

I have run my busy design business for over 20 years, creating brands for entrepreneurs who are ready to launch their business powerfully.

In 2016, I experienced burnout after driving myself so hard. I was taking on too much, and lacking focus on my business and lifestyle goals.

It took a week away from my desk on a swimming and sailing trip to Turkey, to make me realize how much life I was missing out on and how I needed to create a business around my lifestyle, not the other way around.

Over the next 12 months, I developed a strategy to work less and earn more and began to implement the changes. Within a year, my mindset had shifted, my lifestyle was freer and I had doubled my income.

This video and playbook encompasses the steps I took to make this possible and have a life of freedom.

My business and branding looked like... well a mess. I'd been trying to bring my vision to life for 1.5 years already and it was not put together well at all. I was trying to do a lot on my own.

As a result of my work with Carol, my life, business and brand now looks exactly as I envisioned it and better. She brought all the pieces together in a cohesive design. I now have a logo, gorgeous and functional website and sales pages that convert.

I recommend working with Carol because she soaked it all up, visualized it and then executed it with such love and care. It was like it was her own brand. I knew she had my best interest in her heart at all times.

I can't thank her enough for taking my long delayed hopes and dreams and bringing them to quick reality.

Tracey Bethune, http://traceybethune.com/

Before working with Carol, my brand felt so scattered. I needed a way to stylistically bring it's very unique and intertwined pieces back to one central vision.

Carol did an excellent job hearing my needs in a very unique situation, and quickly and clearly creating a vision for them.  She was a pleasure to work with, and I'm so thankful that she 'got it'!

I would highly recommend working with Carol, she's a great listener and talented designer.

Ashley Andersonhttp://theboutiquehub.com/

My business coaching with Carol was exactly what I needed to take my business to the next level.

She helped me to identify and face the challenges, after months of uncertainty, about a rebrand and website update. She guided me to stay focused on the direction of my business and I finally had the clarity and focus needed to do the big change.

I feel motivated, in control and so excited about the possibilities of my new image. Our new website coming soon, its a work in progress and I cant wait for it to be completed.

Janet Stewardhttp://pinkcosmetics.co.za/

Before I started working with Carol, my online presence was at its very early stages and had several undefined aspects.

While I worked with Carol I’ve defined my overall branding objectives and gained full clarity about my business vision and strategy. What has started out as a website/logo design consultation ended up having an impact that span beyond the concept of branding.

I’ve gained an exceptional branding strategy foundation for my creative business. I’ve got a strikingly looking online platform which represents my business with authenticity, appeals to a vast audience and is versatile enough to evolve according to our requirements.

I recommend working with Carol because she’s an outstanding professional, who delivers top-notch design solutions that exceed customer expectations and upscale businesses. All with commendable commitment and enthusiasm.

Julieta Timane, http://www.blackinkwords.com

Being a start-up business, you put your love, sweat and tears into everything you do. To have Carol on my team has been amazing. She took the time to understand what l was trying to achieve with my business and what l wanted my brand to stand for! I felt like l was working with a girlfriend. Even through l am in Australia, communication and contact was frequent and Carol was on point with everything she designed for me.

I would not hesitate in recommending Carol’s work, anywhere in the world, she is truly gifted and a great chick.

Tanya Somertonhttp://tanyasomerton.com/


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